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Financial Consulting

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At the end of the day, cash is king. Our sophisticated modelling capabilities will give you the insight to understand when cash arrives, how much will be there and what it is worth to you now.


By understanding key drivers to your firm's performance we can devise scenarios to let you see how your company's bottom-line changes based on market variances.

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Attracting compatible financial partners is a crucial task for all growing companies. Will your business plan effectively tell the story of why your opportunity is so compelling?


Carshalton will ensure that you have the right story targeting the right partner at the right stage of your firm's development. 



What steps should you be taking today to ensure you receive maximum value for your efforts in building your business? How can you be confident you are paying a fair amount for an established business? What strategies can you follow to de-risk involvement in a new opportunity?

Carshalton's familiarity in corporate transactions will help you answer these and many more questions about your next transaction.


Microsoft Excel Expert 2016 Certification exam earners have an advanced understanding of Excel 2016, and have proved their ability to create, manage, and distribute professional spreadsheets for a variety of specialized purposes.

Whether you require pivot tables, custom charts and graphs or just a way to keep the new hire from corrupting that crucial file (for the 4th time) Carshalton has the skills and experience to turn your firm's relationship with Excel from torrid to tame.



Repetitive routines causing grief for your productivity? Errors continuing to show up in important data despite your team's conscious efforts for accuracy?

Developing custom VBA routines may provide the answers that you are looking for and, best of all, you likely already have access to it in your existing software suite. Carshalton can help to automate these tasks for you allowing you to focus on the processes that have higher impact on your firm's performance.

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How can you ensure that decision-makers have access to the information they require and in a manner that promotes understanding and minimizes confusion?

Carshalton can use dashboards and Faceted Analytic Design to elevate your data into business intelligence by ferreting out the information already located within your systems but which had previously been obscured by arcane tables. With clear and concise design, charts and graphs can become the difference makers you rely upon to make confident decisions.

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With extensive experience in Microsoft Word, Carshalton can develop efficient routines for your team that reduce errors, minimize effort and enhance impact.

Fluent with the Butterick layout principals for legal professionals Carshalton will ensure your contracts and other documents exhibit extreme legibility and professionalism while minimizing the administrative burden of their production.

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Services: Productivity
Services: Training



As a graduate of WhatIfs' Pioneering Practitioner training system, Craig has first-hand experience working with corporate teams focussed on enhancing culture and instigating innovative solutions to problems.

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Rely on Carshaltons' experience and passion for instruction to create custom training modules to ensure that all members of your team have the skills to perform efficiently.

From 1-on-1 tutorials to seminars for a full team we can make sure your firm has the highest performing professionals in Calgary

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